5 Tips to Sell Your Home Fast

Real Estate / Monday, March 12th, 2018

Are you looking to sell your home fast? You have gone through great efforts to spruce up your home including cleaning the carpets, de-cluttering the garage, and making all the necessary repairs. What more can you do now that you have waited for weeks without seeing a potential buyer? The answer is ‘much more’.

The following tips should give you an edge when it comes to selling your home fast:

Improving the Curb Appeal

Do everything to make positive first impressions. If you want your home to be snapped off the property market quickly, give it the best look right from the driveway. Walk over to the street and give your home a critical look. In your analysis, do you notice any shortcomings? Ask your friends to help you with that. If, in their opinion, your home needs repairs, take it seriously. Give your lawn and landscape a facelift even as you tidy up the driveway and exterior walls. No buyer can resist a home with the right curb appeal.

Knowing Your Home’s Unique Selling Point

What’s your home’s unique selling point? Like other homes, yours has stand-out features. Why did you buy this house in the first place? That could be the selling point. What things have you heard visitors say about your home? Enlist the help of a real estate agent if you are not sure. Potential buyers would want to know why they should buy your home. It could be its size or proximity to the gym or zoo. With that, buyers will be able to see your house as credible and more valuable. Real Estate Trends 2018

Depersonalizing the House

As much as you are emotionally attached to your home, take steps to prepare it for sale. Remove those family photos on the walls and the collectibles on the shelves. The aim is to have the prospective buyer imagining themselves as the new owners. As such, the house should look simple and neutral. Cleaning is also key to a quick sale.

Getting Rid Of Bad Odors

Potential home buyers are very sensitive so little things such as bad odors. That’s why you need to go out of your way to fix the sources of these bad smells. Try clearing wash bins and drains, creating adequate ventilation, cleaning the carpet, disposing of old furniture, and ridding the kitchen of old cooking odor.

There is no reason why a potential buyer should not be attracted to a good-smelling house. Add onto that a cup of coffee and you are likely to push the prospects into closing the sell sooner than you think.

Offering a Reasonable Price

Work with a real estate agent to determine a reasonable price for the property. Avoiding a realtor won’t save you money, anyway. Instead, it can prove to be expensive in terms of time and money. The realtor is an expert in this field and is well-placed to give you the best price based on market realities. If you set a very high price, you might end up discouraging the prospective buyers from bidding for the house.

With these five tips, there is no reason why you shouldn’t sell your home fast.


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